Ugly fruit, meet tequila…the Pomelo Margarita

My phone was blowing up with texts from my CSA friend who had beaten me to the market. “Pomelos!!!” she said.

“Is that a grapefruit thing?” I replied.

“I just showed your text to the CSA lady and she laughed” my friend replied.

She’s probably laughing because she gave me one last week and I said “it looks like a grapefruit” and made an ugly contorted face when she put it in my bag. I really dislike grapefruit. In fact that very pomelo was still in the basket on my table. Dang it! Clearly the pomelo was this month’s fruit.

This is the deal with the CSA- you don’t get to choose what you want. It forces you to be flexible.

“What do I do with it?” I asked the farmer who supplies me with my weekly goodies.

“You eat it” she said. Super helpful, thanks.

Round 1- Cut pomelo in half. Appearance, part yellow-green, part pink, fat pithy skin, ugly. Tastes- tart and like a grapefruit.

Round 2- When life gives you lemons make lemonade. In this case I’m making a cocktail. After a quick perusal of our bar I surmised that patron and triple sec would make this ugly fruit far more palatable…

Pomelo Margaritas

2 Pomelos, juiced

1 orange, juiced

2 shots of Patron or other good tequila

2 shots of triple sec

Mix ingredients and pour over ice in salt rimmed glasses

Serves 2

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