Getting this weeks “fix”

I knew I was saving money. I wasn’t sure how much because quite frankly I never checked. But, I just knew I was saving money doing this CSA.

Come to find out (as my husband has learned over the years)-  I was right.

Like most people I had to learn the hard way. I had to wait until the CSA farmers went on vacation. Now that I won’t be getting my first CSA basket in 9 months, I’m running around to each and every store trying to replicate my CSA goods. Like a good junkie, I’m a day away from my next scheduled hit and I know it aint’ coming and I AM FREAKED OUT.

I totally don’t begrudge them. I really don’t understand how they do what they do anyways- the planting, the farming, the chickens, the fruit picking and then the schleping it 6 days a week from Rainbow, CA to farmers markets all over San Diego county. Yet, they never seem frustrated, angry or tired. It must be all the veggies they are on.

The very veggies I’ll be without this week. My hands start to shake.

I try to perk myself up by rushing out to Sprouts for some discount veg. Sure it’s on sale, but it’s not organic and it’s grown in Mexico and Peru. Off next to Trader Joes, where yes the wine is cheap and fabulous but if they try to con me into buying one more globe of garlic flown in from China when we live 5 hours away from the garlic capital of the world, I am… GOING TO FREAK OUT.

Ok, calm down. I leave with a case of wine and a crying baby, nothing else.

 Ok, let’s start over. At least I find every item on my CSA list (with the exception of that heavenly Majestic Garlic tub) at the good ole Albertsons. I do not, however, find any of it in the organic section and most items are not locally grown but thankfully at least grown in this country. A quick peruse through the store, some quick addition on the phone calculator suggests that I’m receiving $29 of weekly goods (at Albertson’s prices) which of course does not account for the organic and locally grown aspect which would indeed cost more. Add to that the fact that I’m taking part in supporting a local farmer, I leave feeling vindicated, brilliant, eco-friendly and sadly yes, still shaky and depressed I cannot get my veggie fix for another week.

So wish me luck. It’s going to be a long week of heaven forbid- bagged romaine lettuce, extra-large white eggs and whatever other random year-round grocery produce I decide to buy. Better yet, it’s probably a good week to eat out.

One thought on “Getting this weeks “fix”

  1. Hey Neighbor it’s me again,
    Don’t forget to post your Soy Chorizo Egg Caserole recipe that everyone raved about last Saturday and wanted the recipe.

    XOXO gina

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