Radishes with Sea Salt, Butter and Baguette

I have to admit I had never really eaten radishes. Let alone whole. Hubs eyed me with suspicion when I read a cookbook about how this used to be a French children’s snack. He then mumbled something about the French in general.

The bunch of radishes was tiny. Not those big husky things you see at the store. To slice them would be like trying to slice a grape, I’d probably have lost a finger. Best to eat them whole I decided. So I piled them on a bed of sea salt, with a luscious mound of butter on the side.

I dipped the radish in each.

Wow. That’s damn good.

Add bread and suddenly it feels like a very Provencal snack.

Did the children eat it? No. But not because they turned their nose up at it. Merely because I ate them all greedily and didn’t offer them any. Besides, I hate rejection so why even go there?

Hubby says I’ll eat anything that is smeared in salt and butter. Well, duh. Who wouldn’t? My mom was from the South, it’s in my genes, I really can’t help it.

So next time you feel the need to clog your arteries, do it a healthier way, with baby radishes.

Baby Radishes with Butter, Sea Salt and Bread

1 bunch baby radishes

1 hunk of good butter

a mound of sea salt (don’t even think about using iodized, good grief)

1 baguette

1 pair strechy pants

I’m certain you can figure out how to put it all together. Enjoy!


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