Beet and Cranberry Bread

Even the Foodie must go on a cleanse sometimes. I just finished my first 24 hour cleanse, compliments of my children. It’s called the stomach flu and getting back in the kitchen has been harder than I thought. Mainly, nothing sounds good.

Hubs recovered quickly and was snarfing down chunks of BBQ pulled pork, some leftover corned beef and tri-tip not even 12 hours later. I marvel at his iron gut.  The kids and myself seem to share the same sort of  post-cleanse digestive diversion and days later can barely manage past white rice, broth and plain orzo. Not the kind of diversion a foodie needs with a fridge full of veggies.

I finally decide to make something bread-like. That seems somewhat appealing. I decide to use the rest of the pureed beet that was leftover from the Princess Pancakes. Knowing I’ll have a hard time explaining to my daughter how the bread turned pink I must choose carefully. Cranberry bread seems like a legitimate excuse, they are after all, pink.

The real problem here is I am not a baker. It is entirely possible that my children will grow up thinking that cookies come from a tub in the freezer that I buy in bulk each year at the school fundraiser (it’s really no wonder her class always comes in first place). There are so many reasons why I’m a cook and not a baker, but the top two are basically this-

 1. I don’t like to be precise

 2. I have no patience

The latter continues to be a problem as a mother of two.

I’m in no mood here to break from the mold. I reach into the cabinet and scrounge around for a box of Trader Joe’s Cranberry Bread Mix. It does require some measuring and mixing. I will tolerate this step. 45 minutes to bake however, reminds me that this whole baking nonsense will not become a habit.

In the end, the result is a lovely and quite tasty Cranberry Bread with a lovely pink “beet-ish” hue. It has no flavor of beet whatsoever. The children love it smeared in butter, so do I.

After I snapped the picture I proceed to cut a slice and half the loaf crumbles. Which brings me to the 3rd reason I don’t like to bake…

3. I’m just no good at it.

Beet and Cranberry Bread

1 box Trader Joes Cranberry Bread Mix

1 Large egg (my CSA eggs are smaller so I use 2)

1/3 C. Vegetable Oil

1 C. Water

2 Tbl. Beet Puree (see Princess Pancakes for how-to)

I follow the directions quite precisely on the box, minus the second smaller egg and the beet puree (which of course isn’t precise after all). I bake at 350 (non-convection) for 45 very long anguishing minutes.


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