“Boat Day” Beet, Blue Cheese and Walnut Wraps

I’ve always felt Murphy and his Law have followed me around. This week I learned, Murphy knows my friends from Boulder. What a disappointment to fly from snow country only to arrive in San Diego where the high was averaging 62 degrees and sporting a gusty bone chilling wind. Worst yet is to hear that back home they were having a heat wave and it was 85 degrees. Oh Murphy… you scoundrel.

All week we had planned on taking our friends out on the boat in the bay. It’s such a fun way to see the San Diego skyline. It was going to be our adult reward for suffering through countless alcohol-free theme parks. I planned a meal especially for our day. We woke up, the sky looked dodgy, then it started to rain. We decided to skip the boat, the Dramamine and potential ear aches in all four children.

Since I’m a planner our meal had been made the night before. We happily ate it in our family room while the adults did that new sort of “gaming” where everyone sits in the same room and plays crossword with each other on their respective cell phones all while ignoring the whines of small children nearby.

The wrap was a hit, even from those like Hubs who aren’t the biggest fans of blue cheese. I tried substituting goat cheese for Hubs but even he agreed it lacked the pizzazz the beet/blue combo created.

Next time our friends visit, we hope Murphy will be at someone else’s house so we can get a rain check on “Boat Day”.

“Boat Day” Beet, Blue Cheese and Walnut Wraps

5 beets, cooked

6 oz blue cheese

1/3 C. chopped walnuts

handful of spinach

4 whole wheat tortillas

In a food processor,  puree the cooked beets until smooth. For this recipe I cooked the beets in a glass dish in the microwave with the beets covered in water until they were soft and a knife easily pierced through.  After pureeing the beets, pulse in the blue cheese a few times leaving it somewhat lumpy. Add pepper if desired. Stir in by hand  the 1/3 Cup chopped walnuts. Spread over whole wheat tortillas and top with spinach. Roll like a burrito and place in ziploc bags for transport.


One thought on ““Boat Day” Beet, Blue Cheese and Walnut Wraps

  1. Beets, walnuts and spinach. Go good for you and taste yummy. I found I could use the ingredients over a couple of days. Nothing like leftovers for the busy housewife.

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