Deconstructed Roasted Kumquat and Beet Salad

The Kumquat Project continues with this delicious Roasted Kumquat and Beet Salad. My love for candy-cane striped beets started that fateful summer I attempted to grow my own garden. Maybe it was because they were the one of the only vegetables that grew and I felt an instant admiration for anything surviving my black thumb. From the moment I pulled those 3 beets from my garden I knew it was the beginning of a love that I had never previously acquired for beets.

I was thrilled to see them in my CSA basket this week along with golden beets which give the same flavor but not the mess of the red ones. I’ve made a Roasted Beet and Orange Salad (see recipe) but last night I decided to change it up a bit and toss the whole kumquats in with the beets to roast. Turns out if you cut the beets in quarters they will roast at roughly the same pace as a whole kumquat. Who knew?  The result was magnificent.

I chose goat cheese to accompany the salad, quite frankly because it was what was in the fridge. Hubs quickly picked up on the perfect pair that the roasted kumquat and goat cheese combo made. In fact that pairing was so nice I’m going to try to work it into another creation before this project is over. For those of you with children, I must admit, I cannot get my children to eat this sort of meal. I had been trying kumquat creations all day and by the time I was picking my daughter up at school I mentioned to another mom that Hubs and the kids were getting “Sloppy Joes” for dinner. I’m pretty sure she thought I was kidding. I wasn’t.

While Hubs and I ate the deconstructed salad as our main course, we started with “appetizers” of what I had made for the children’s dinner which were “Sloppy Joe Sliders”. It can’t always be a fancy meal over here. So with our Slider Joes (recipe listed below)  and our Decontructed Kumquat and Beet Salad, we turned an average Tuesday night into quite a feast.

Deconstructed Roasted Kumquat and Beet Salad

12 Kumquats

6-8 beets, any variety, quartered

1 bag mixed salad greens

4 oz herb and garlic goat cheese

1/4 cup olive oil

juice of 2 small lemons

1/2 tsp. stoneground mustard

Salt and Pepper to taste

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. On a rimmed cookie sheet toss whole kumquats and quartered beets in olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast for 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, crumble goat cheese over mixed salad greens in serving bowl. Salt and pepper lettuce to taste.

Lastly, in a small bowl whisk olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice and stoneground mustard. Salt and pepper to taste and set aside.

When the kumquats and beets are done serve in a separate dish and allow guests to add the amount they want to their mixed greens. The warmth of the beets and kumquats will almost melt the goat cheese as combines with dressing but will also make the greens a bit limp, which isn’t ideal if you end up having leftovers.  Top each salad with dressing and serve immediately.

Feeds 6 as a side, 3 as a main course

Slider Joes


1 lb lean ground beef or turkey

1 medium zucchini, finely diced

1/2 yellow onion, finely diced

1 can Manwhich (I know, but I had a coupon)

1 package slider buns

Over medium heat cook ground meat, chopped zucchini and onion until cooked. Stir in one can Manwhich.

Serve over slider buns.

Makes 8 Sliders.



2 thoughts on “Deconstructed Roasted Kumquat and Beet Salad

  1. Knowing that there were zucchini pieces in the Sloppy Joes, I didn’t feel guilty inhaling the kids leftovers. The salad was delicious and the mix of the kumquat at the goat cheese was awesome.

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