Jax BBQ Chicken Salad with Chopped Veg

She was 6 foot tall, nine months pregnant and running late. She quickly sat down on one of those tiny IKEA three stool benches which have a weight limit of thirty-five pounds.  Above her head hung a sign stating-  35 lbs and under! Chairs will collapse!  I was sitting front row to a potential disaster. What does a person do?  Do I sit by and watch this nine month pregnant woman fall and send herself into labor, or do I dare say something?

“The sign says no one over thirty-five pounds is supposed to sit on those stools” I barked from my corner. “I’d hate to see you fall”.

I could see steam coming out of her ears. She whipped her head around and narrowed her eyes in on what she suspected would be a skinny-witch of a woman. Then she saw me and my beast-belly and almost fell off the stool laughing. I’m not sure how she had missed me in my condition,wallowing in the corner, sweating profusely. But if she managed to miss me and my gigantic whale-belly it was no wonder she hadn’t seen the sign.  We were such a miserable sight, the two of us. Having been instantly forgiven due to my equally pregnant nature, we became fast friends and realized we were due the same day.

Now the kids are almost a year and a half old and recently I had a lunch playdate at her house where she made a lovely chicken salad using the leftover barbecued chicken from the night before. Her recipe had a teriyaki flavor and was absolutely fantastic. She and her husband are avid gardeners and are growing a lot of the same veggies I am getting in my CSA basket. So this week when I had some leftover  barbecued honey-maple-glazed chicken I decided round-two was certainly going to be an ode to my stunning tall friend.

She used diced chard stem, which was fantastic. I however, had already used my stems up in a salad but thankfully had some gorgeous baby celery. I had never seen celery like the kind that came in my basket last week. So skinny it was pencil-thin and with these dark herby cilantro looking leaves. You could of course use regular celery or Jax idea with chard stems. This is my version of her salad…

Jax BBQ Chicken Salad with Chopped Veg

1/2 lb leftover bbq chicken, shredded or chopped

3 Tbl. Majestic Garlic dill

2 Tbl each– diced carrot, diced green onion and diced celery (or sub chard stem)

1/2 C. Nonfat Greek Yogurt

 salt and pepper to taste

In a mixing bowl, mix non-fat greek yogurt, 3 Tbl. Majestic Garlic Dill until combined. Toss in chopped or shredded chicken and 2 Tbl each- diced carrots, diced green onions and either diced celery or chard stems. Toss to coat all chicken and veggies. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve on a bed of  baby spinach leaves with  crackers.

Makes a lunch course for 2.


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