Ramps! The Farmers Market at Union Square

“Ramps!” the farmer shouted from his stand as we approached.

“What did that guy just call us?” asked my NYC bestie with a look of horror in her eyes.

“Ramps, and don’t worry he’s not referring to us, he’s talking about that giant stack of wild leeks.”

“Wild what?” she said.

It’s Bestie Reunion Weekend in NYC and my besties have never been to a proper farmers market. Nor do they know what kale is, or chard, or ramps for that matter. It’s my turn to school them.

The Farmers Market at Union Square is amazing! If I lived in NYC, I’d be there all the time. Not only are there vegetables a plenty but mushrooms growers, cheese mongers, fresh milk, handmade sausages, fresh breads, the list is never-ending.

This is certainly a first for the Besties. In the past, our trips have consisted of dancing, shopping, eating…repeat. It could be said we are getting too old for our previous shenanigans.

This trip I’ve decided to take the girls through the market to help me pick out our dinner and then make it at NYC Besties itty-bitty Upper East Side kitchen.

To say it’s itty-bitty is a understatment, it’s really a hallway to the bathroom. In real estate we would use terms like- “charming”, “cozy” and “functional”. I was excited for the challenge: cooking in season can be done by anyone in any-sized kitchen.

Both NYC Bestie and Photog Bestie said they loved to read my blog, but were hesitant to make some of the recipes because they were unfamiliar with the ingredients. I love finding ingredients I’ve never used or seen, but I also realize that most people are not as adventurous as I am. I showed the girls some of the ingredients they’d been hearing about and both felt they could come back and do it on there own.

We decided on ramps since they are only in season a few weeks out of the year and I having never cooked them was dying for a chance to use them. I also bought some fresh oyster mushrooms, which I adore. I picked up some shallots, mixed greens and edible flowers for the salad. We then visited a baker and bought some fresh herb bread, still warm in its bag. Later, we  met the cheese monger and bought some amazing blue and washed-rind cheeses. I knew we had chicken breasts back at the apartment. My shopping was done. I spent less than $20 and was going to feed us a fabulous farm-to-table gourmet meal.

The recipes and stories from NYC Besties hallway kitchen are coming in the next week… A million thanks to Photog Bestie for her gorgeous photos. You can find her at-www.micahcummings.com/blog

One thought on “Ramps! The Farmers Market at Union Square

  1. When I worked in NYC this was and appears to still be a great market to visit and shop. Thanks for the memories!

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