Baked Chicken with Ramps and Oyster Mushrooms

The Farmers Market Foodie has been Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! Thank you Beach House Kitchen for the nomination! Beach House Kitchen is a food blogger specializing in healthy often vegan eating and they are headed into the realm of Raw Food Diet next month. Be sure to check them out at-

When Beach House Kitchen nominated me for this award, they asked that I tell them 7 things about myself. Since I tend to write about myself and my family in every blog, I thought I’d do something a little different, so here goes…

7 Things the Farmers Market Foodie wants you to know about this recipe

1. I love oyster mushrooms from back in my Milan days. I buy them whenever I see them. I was stunned to hear that Photog Bestie having just done a 3-year stint in Europe was unfamiliar with them. What a shame, they are a delicious addition to virtually any dish.

2. I make baked chicken once a week- it is the easiest meal. I am constantly switching up ingredients, lemons, oranges, root vegetables etc. I only use skin-on chicken and like a mix of breast, thigh and leg pieces. I make enough for Hubs to have leftovers at work the next day. Occasionally, I use the leftovers to make chicken salad (see Jax Chicken Salad).

3. I always cook baked chicken in my Emile Henry rectangular dish. I was thrilled that NYCBestie kept hers and was one of a handful of items in her 3 ft by 2 ft NYC kitchen. The dish can go from fridge/freezer to oven to table. It cooks things beautifully and is beautiful as well.

4. Speaking of that kitchen… I’d never seen a cord hanging from the ceiling to plug in the exhaust fan, nor was I familiar with having to re-light the oven every 20 minutes. The chicken did take longer to cook in this oven, remember always use a thermometer to check and pace your cocktail hour in case it takes longer.

5. I always use a few tablespoons of good olive oil before I salt and pepper the chicken in any recipe. I prefer California olive oils as I think they have a better flavor (and for me are more locally sourced). I even travel with my own mini bottles and good thing I did- NYC Bestie pulled a giant rancid old bottle of olive oil that she’d inherited with her sublet. It was 5 years past it’s expiration date. Yikes!

6. Speaking of salt and pepper…I always use sea salt and fresh ground pepper. I keep the salt in a salt pig on the counter for easier measuring and access.

7. I served this baked chicken dish with a mixed greens salad with edible flowers, blue cheese and homemade vinaigrette. Recipe to come soon!

Baked Chicken with Ramps and Oyster Mushrooms

1.5 lbs chicken pieces, skin on

4 shallots, peeled

1 bunch ramps, leaves removed

1/4 lb oyster mushrooms

Olive oil for drizzling

Salt and Pepper to taste

Pre-heat oven to 375, light if necessary, plug cord into ceiling if required. Place chicken pieces in rectangular dish and stuff mushrooms, ramps, shallots around. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Cook for 25-45 minutes depending on your oven, or until the skin is brown and crispy and thermometer or common sense tells you it’s cooked.

Feeds 3-4

4 thoughts on “Baked Chicken with Ramps and Oyster Mushrooms

  1. We also do this chicken once a week in a 15″ lodge pan that came with my husband 34 years ago. Brussel sprouts are my favorite veggies to place around the chicken. Every week we use what ever vegetables we have…yams, zuccini goes in after half of the cooking time or any greens, whole garlic cloves. Later in the week, the chicken turns into tacos.

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