The Michelada

A very long time ago before I met my dear Hubs, I was a woman who liked to date. Rather, I was a girl who liked to eat, and a foodie fresh out of college on a first job just can’t afford to eat nice restuarant meals every night. That is, unless some nice gentleman is picking up the tab.

I’ll never forgot the time my girlfriend wrote my number on a bar napkin at a nice mexican restaurant in a local chi-chi enclave. I’m sure she was hoping he’d comp our ever-growing tab of margaritas, which didn’t happen. She could have, at the very least, transposed a few numbers. You can imagine my surprise when the next day, I did in fact get a call from that napkin. However, it was not from the bartender. It was the bus-boy who found it in the trash. To this day, I can barely go in Jose’s Courtroom without hanging my head in shame.

I have the hardest time pairing drinks with Mexican food. It just doesn’t go with wine.  Hence, their invention of the margarita whose citrusy sweet and salty goodness pairs well with their spicy food. But I’ve done both Pomelo and Grapefruit Margaritas on this blog, and I’m certain if I show up one more time to a party with a pitcher of them my friends are going to think me and my blog are old news.

So in an effort to branch out, I came across this “Beertail”- a beer based cocktail.  I’m not a beer drinker in general, but when I came across this recipe I felt I needed to give it a try. I’m genuinely surprised I don’t ever see it on the menu at local mexican restaurants, given San Diego’s proximity to the border. It’s like a beer-based bloody mary.

It’s not for everyone. My British friend kept referring to it as “a dodgy drink” and refused to try a sip. She’s not entirely wrong. At first glance the ingredient list does seem dodgy. Clamato with beer? Worcester? Maggi? Tabasco? Lime? As bizarre as it sounds it is delightful combo. At a recent gathering, all three of my guests said I would have to create something really spectacular since none of them like beer or clamato.  Turns out all of them loved the Michelada…

So, shock your friends with this cocktail the next time you serve mexican food. You’ll be the hippest and possibly “dodgiest” person on your block.

The Michelada

You can use any mexican beer you like but I think lighter is better. Maggi is a liquid condiment found in most grocery stores. If you cannot find it, use soy sauce instead.

1 bottle of dos equis lager

1/4 C. Clamato or Trader Joes Bloody Mary Mix

1/2 tsp Maggi

1/4 tsp. Worcester

1 lime squeezed

dash of Tabasco


Tajin seasoning for rim

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