Grilled Stuffed Figs

Pa-in-Law has all sorts of exotic fruit trees on his property- loquats, pomegranates and figs. I get the impression Ma-in-Law does not hold the same giddy enthusiasm for bizarre yard fruit as I do. Therefore, every time I swing by my in-laws house, Pa-in-Law and I go round the yard and he picks me a bag of all sorts of delightful things. I think he’s secretly hoping that if he picks them I will make something fun for him. Pa-in-Law is no fool. I will always use him as a taste-tester.

Early on when I was dating Hubs, I made him homemade waffles for breakfast, you know the kind from scratch?

Pa-in-Law was floored. Then he told Hubs he’d better get on the ball and marry me.

Pa-in-Law is such a smart man.

Right now he has figs in his yard. California fig season is just coming into full swing. I love figs. These are either Kadota or Calimyrna Figs. You would more likely find Black Mission at the store. These figs are green-skinned with pink insides and are less sweet that the darker varieties. Because they are less sweet I felt it made more sense to do a savory dish with them. I decided to grill them up, stuff them full of gorgonzola and wrap them in prosciutto. As if they couldn’t get any better, I drizzled them with balsamic glaze.

You could also bake them in the oven, if you prefer. We used a grill pan just in case the cheese oozed out.

Grilled Stuffed Figs

Balsamic Glaze is a syrupy version of balsamic vinegar enhanced with a little bit of sugar. It has a thicker consistency and works well in presentation when you don’t want vinegar running all over the plate.

1 doz fresh figs

4 oz crumbled gorgonzola

6 oz prosciutto

Trader Joe’s Balsamic Glaze

Cut an x at the top of the fig, about 1/2″ deep so that it will hold the gorgonzola but not collapse. Stuff each fig with gorgonzola and then wrap tightly with prosciutto. Bake in an over at 350 for 25 minutes or until the prosciutto is brown and crispy or and the cheese is oozing. Alternately, grill over medium hit on a grill pan until crispy and oozing.

Serve immediately.

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