A BLT with Style

blt“How was your weekend in the desert with Daddy?” I asked my five-year old upon returning from her big outdoor adventure.

“Did you know that ‘bailing’ is a fancy word for falling off your quad with style?” she exclaimed.

“So you fell off your quad?” I said.

“No, I definitely bailed” she assured me.

Well now that we had cleared that up, I made a mental note to instagram a photo at a later date with the clever hashtag #fancynancygoestothedesert. Hubs, who I’m not entirely certain hadn’t prompted or rehearsed such a clever interlude, came in carrying Dudley’s bread. I’m so easily bought. A few good loaves of fresh bread will easily make me forget he’d almost injured our eldest.

Good thing Mama is going to boot camp in a few weeks because I’m using every excuse to eat this bread. Apparently there was some sort of discount if you bought 5 loaves, either that or Hubs was really worried I would freak out when I heard about “our little Nancy’s bail-out”.

The Perfect BLT was created on a particularly chilly evening when the most gorgeous fresh butter lettuce arrived at the door from our CSA. Unwilling to eat salad when the temp is below 75, I had to come up with something to showcase it’s talent. I had bread and I had lettuce. And, thankfully compliments of a lovely Christmas gift from Hubs’ sister and her husband, we had bacon. Not any kind of bacon, but really awesome thick-cut flavored bacon from www.BaconFreak.com. Incidently, I’m a firm believer the gift of bacon does really keep on giving.

Luckier yet was the fact that I had Rocco’s Sun-dried Tomato Bacon and on the package it stated “The perfect bacon for BLT’s!”. Well, it was settled…

Now, if you want to be chincy and use regular bacon and regular bread and regular lettuce, go ahead. Just go forth knowing that you have effectively fallen off the BLT bandwagon rather than bailed. After all, when you bail you do it with style…

A BLT with Style


Makes 2-4 sandwiches

1 package Rocco’s Sun-dried Tomato Bacon (www.baconfreak.com)

Several slices Dudley’s German Black Bread (or another fresh bakery bread of high quality)

Fresh Butter Lettuce

2-3 tomatoes

Sun-dried Tomato Jalapeno Majestic Garlic Spread (optional but awesome)

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. On a rimmed cookie sheet place a cookie cooling rack. Place bacon on rack and bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes until crispy.

Hubs likes to toast his bread, I prefer my bacon to be the only crispy item. Wash and slice tomatoes, and smear the Majestic Garlic (or mayo a’la Hubs) on the bread.

Assemble and enjoy.

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