Herby Salsa Verde

KOAIt’s been quite the busy summer at the Foodie house. Lots of vacations and food inspirations.  Among those vacations, a camping trip to The Grand Canyon and the nearby KOA campground.  I’ve always said the difference between a vacation and a trip often comes down to “work load”.  Camping can be more work than say “sipping Mai Tai’s” on a beach in Hawaii. Since Hubs and I tend to RV a lot, I long ago decided these “trips” needed to be more like “vacations”.  So these days when Hubs and I camp we do a lot of pre-prep on food, down to “wine-pairing” prior to departure. That way, when we get there the prep and clean-up are much more “vacation-friendly”.

Now that the kiddos are back in school it’s time to get serious with rolling out some new recipes.

Which is why I am so pleased to be partnered with the new KOA Compass blog- The Greater Outdoors as a contributing blogger!  I’ve been testing camping recipes since our first camping trip a decade ago and I am thrilled to share them wtih you and some of KOA’s blog followers.

My first recipe for them was just posted yesterday.

Find it here at-


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