April Fool’s- Blackened Road Kill Chicken and Curb Cabbage Slaw

KOA_RoadKill_AprilFoolsHere is a fun recipe I just did in collaboration with KOA’s The Greater Outdoors Blog. The recipe is in fact real, and with the exception of the cabbage, many of these events, did not occur.

Anyone get the feeling food prices have gone up lately? Me too. Which is why I like to reach out to Mother Earth to see what goodies she can provide. Recently, I was leaving Pilates and I eye-spied a head of cabbage on the curb next to my car. It was like Mother Nature felt bad about my bank account and sported me a freebie. And sure enough, I needed a freebie because Pilates isn’t exactly cheap. Then, on my way home in the middle of the suburbs was a dead chicken. I know, weird, right? Some people call that Road Kill, but I call it a free meal. Sure it had tire marks, which is why I decided to blacken it on the grill to make it all blend in, and won’t you know- my uppity suburban dinner guests, never knew the difference? So raise your can of PBR to a free meal if you should be so lucky to find one in your neck of the woods. But, not your last can of PBR, cause you got to put it up that chickens you-know-what.

Blackened Road Kill Grill Chicken and Curb Cabbage Slaw

1 free dead animal (preferably a chicken)
2 Tbl. Road Kill Grill Spice
1 Can Pabst Blue Ribbon (aka- PBR)

For the slaw-
1 head curb cabbage
1 head purple cabbage you’re probably gonna have to buy
Dressing (Free can’t be picky- get one that’s cheap)

I found both Road Kill Grill Spice and the beer can chicken contraption at my local KOA general store. You can use any kind of spice, but I do prefer Road Kill Grill Spice for this recipe.

Remove the not so pretty parts of the chicken (head, feet, gizzards, etc.) Remove excess rubber from chicken’s skin and rinse off gravel and asphalt. Smear 2 Tbl. Road Kill Grill spice all over that dead thing. Preheat your grill on low with heat below and on the back burners. Open can of beer and shove it up the chicken’s rear and set over low heat on the grill. Cook for 45-60 minutes or until thermometer reads- No Salmonella /Road Funk Left.

Make the slaw while the chicken is cooking on the grill. Slice and chop up the cabbage and cover in dressing. Set aside.

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