About The Foodie

Courtney Fredricks BellA very terribly long time ago before such things as blogging, twitter and iphones the Farmers Market Foodie spent her days as a Ford Model in Los Angeles and New York dreaming of food. She got her cooking start feeding  hungry models on the floor of her residence in Milan. They made very easy dinner guests who likely would have eaten anything, but oddly there always seemed to be leftovers. Needless to say, cooking, eating and modeling lead to a conflict, as it is difficult to enjoy all three simultaneously. Without a tear shed, she left the industry to pursue bigger, better and tastier things while studying at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Now, she is married to a man lovingly referred to in her blog as “Hubs” and has two wonderful yet somewhat picky children to cook for and feed. She spends her days selling homes with the kind of kitchens she dreams of cooking in and her nights praying the children will eat the green things she finds in her CSA bag each week.

To contact the Farmers Market Foodie regarding recipes or representation please email- theFarmersMarketFoodie@yahoo.com

4 thoughts on “About The Foodie

  1. You are gorgeous, girl! Your blog is so addicting to a fellow foodie, also with 2 children, who cannot find the time to investigate better ways to cook healthy. The passion is there, the time is not! Thank you for feeding my passion and doing the work for me! You are a supermom!

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